Botox Treatment for Removing Visible Signs of Ageing

Botox Treatment for Removing Visible Signs of Ageing

Women can have the issue of lines and wrinkles appearing on various parts of their face due to ageing. These wrinkles cause an unnecessary elder look and spoil the youthfulness in aesthetic appearance of women.

Cosmetic surgeons provide botox treatment to minimize signs of ageing. Botox is Botulinum Toxin Type A which is a form of pure protein diluted for cosmetic use. This substance can systematically block the nerve activity in muscles by paralyzing them and thus helps to stop muscle activity in affected facial areas.

Surgeons inject a designed small dosage of this substance in facial areas that have wrinkles and lines. This injection blocks the signals from nerves to muscle tissues. Whenever a patient smiles the lines and wrinkles appearing on various facial parts would completely disappear after around three days. As the messages from brain to facial muscles to contract during typical movement would be blocked, there will not be any muscle movement. Similarly, patients would get a plump look at the affected area due to botox treatment. 

Injecting botox in skin prevents release of acetylcholine that plays an important role in passing the signals of contracting or minimizing to muscle tissues. Facial muscles in the treated area are made less stiff and ultimately there will not be any formation of lines and wrinkles on various facial parts where botox is injected.

As a result of this treatment patients would get a youthful and better aesthetic appearance. Botulinum toxin in various proportions is also used for treating various other medical conditions.

Botox treatment cost varies center to center. It depends on various factors such as:

·        Experience and expertise of the surgeon
·        Geographical location of his clinic
·        Cost of botox used for injections
·        Number of facial areas to be treated
·        Amount of lines, wrinkles, sagging and inelastic skin  



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