Breast reduction: Why it’s so popular and what you need to know

Let’s face it, big boobs can be a big pain. There’s back pain, neck pain and sometimes rashes in the creases below your breasts. Not to mention how large breasts can impact your wardrobe choices. Exercise can also be painful unless you’re wearing more than one sports bra. And while some women don’t experience physical pain, they might be self-conscious about their breast size. A huge proponent of embracing curves and body positivity, Amber Rose has always been open, showing us we’re not the only ones who have stretch marks, cellulite and more. Recently, she made big internet news when she shared her breast reduction. It’s not surprising that Rose finally took the plunge. She’d been publicly contemplating breast reduction surgery since last summer. “My boobs are stupid heavy, my back hurts, and I can’t wear cute lil’ shirts without a grandma bra,” Rosewroteon Instagram last summer when considering the surgery. She also asked for tips from people who’ve done it. On RealSelf, breast red…

7 reasons why breast fat transfer is on the rise

Abreast augmentation, or boob job, has long been a popular procedure for women, and certainly one of the most popular topics on RealSelf. While implants have been the traditional method for getting a larger bustline, one technique has been gaining some surprising new ground the last couple years:breast fat transfer. In fact, using one’s own fat in the breasts was up 41 percent in 2016 over 2015, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). By comparison, breast augmentation with implants increased only by 1.5 percent over that same time period. So, why are women trending toward breast fat transfer now? We asked experts on RealSelf why breast fat transfer is becoming a go-to technique for a boob job. Here are seven reasons why breast fat transfer is taking over. 1. Natural is in The era of big, round breasts is over. Soft, natural-looking breasts are in. While it’s possible to get a mostly natural look from implant…

Five reasons alcohol and cosmetic surgery don’t mix

You may be tempted to toast a successful plastic surgery — or relax before the procedure — by knocking one back, but most experts wouldn’t recommend it. Not only can alcohol slow your healing time and prevent you from achieving the best possible results, it can cause several complications, too. Here are five reasons experts say you should just say no to alcohol before and after cosmetic surgery: 1. Alcohol increases swelling After undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure, you’ll want swelling to subside as soon as possible. Drinking alcohol dilates your blood vessels, causing your body to swell. Alcohol is also dehydrating, which results in your body trying to hold onto as much water as possible — and why you experience bloating after a wild night out. Your nose is especially susceptible toalcohol-related swelling following rhinoplasty, so if you want to see your new, refined nose, skip the booze for a while. Related:Here’s how much downtime you’ll need for top cosmetic procedures 2. A…