Blepharoplasty surgery in India – An Overview

blepharoplasty surgery in India

What is eyelid surgery?

Medically known as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery is a surgical procedure which aims at removing skin and removing fat or adding fat from the eyelids. Often people call it as eyelid lift which is misnomer because it is actually not lifted at the time of surgery.  If you are also suffering from condition where area around your eyes have wrinkles, bags beneath it and lines then you are the right candidate for eyelid surgery in India.

Upper eyelid surgery

In upper blepharoplasty surgery, incisions are used for removing fat as well as skin. Then a thin stitch is done for bringing the skin together for allowing a creation of an eyelid crease.

Lower eyelid surgery

In case of lower eyelid surgery, incisions are made on the inside of the eyelid or beneath the lash line. This is known as transconjunctival approach. This approach allows eyelid surgeon in Delhi an easy access to the eyelid without visible incisions making this particular method apt for those patients who want to get either fat added or removed. Often, this type of surgery is performed in combination with laser resurfacing of the eyelid skin for reducing wrinkles as well as lines.

Why is blepharoplasty performed?

Deposits of fat as well as skin can create aged appearance, puffiness, and heavy looking eyelids and in some cases, also block the upper field of vision. This is when upper eyelid surgery is performed for removing excess fat and skin so that vision of upper eyelid can be improved. 

Double eyelid surgery, also known as Asian eyelid surgery, is done for enhancing or creating an upper eyelid crease. Usually, this form of surgery is done on Asian people for “westernizing” the overall appearance of eyelid. 

Lower eyelid surgery is performed for removing excess skin or improving the contour of the eyelid by removing or adding fat. In some cases, need for tightening eyelid is also required for correcting sagging whereas laser skin resurfacing is used for improving skin texture as well as wrinkles.

How to prepare for blepharoplasty?

Before undergoing surgery, patient has to undergo detailed examination. Eyelid surgeon in Delhi would explain the entire procedure along with risks, complications as well as benefits associated with it.  Also you will get to know about the best blepharoplastysurgery cost in Delhi during this time. Make sure that you follow the pre-operative instructions of the surgeon so that you do not face any problem later.

Here you can view actual before and after eyelid or blepharoplasty surgery photographs perform by Dr. AJaya Kashyap plastic surgeon in Delhi, India.


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