Face Surgery: It’s Good to be Beautiful


“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” And the beholder is often your own self.

Everyone is unique in their own way. Sometimes, however, we like to make some effort to look better. The efforts can be in form of good grooming, make- up or even medical or surgical cosmetic enhancements. While no one wants to lose their individuality, we all want to look like the best version of ourselves.

First impressions are often lasting impressions and our face is the first thing everyone notices about us. It is for this reason that facial cosmetic procedures have become so popular. You can have facial blemishes and defects removed as well as enhance and refine your features. 

Facial plastic surgery can be divided into two parts, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery 

 This kind of surgery and procedures are used to help people who have facial abnormalities since birth or have acquired these from accidents, diseases or malignancies. . Parts of the face can be reconstructed, restored and the skin itself can be repaired, reconstructed or replaced.

Cosmetic procedures and Surgery of the face

Cosmetic facial surgery is used to enhance relatively normal   facial features and giving them better definitions, proportions and highlights. The most common procedure are- liposuction, eyelid lifts, nose reshaping, hair transplants, facelifts, facial implants and autologous fat grafting . 

Types of  Surgical and nonsurgical Cosmetic treatments?

Non Surgical

Many facial aspects can be enhanced with non-surgical treatments. These procedures include  chemical peels, microdermabrasion, dermabrasion, PRP, Lasers,  microneedling, RF, Thermitight or FaceTite skin tightening and other injectables. The injectables include botox, Restylane, Juvederm, Kybella etc.  Threads of different kinds can also be inserted to lift and fill different areas which are introduced through needles.


The other facial Aesthetic requirements can be met with surgical treatments such as:

• Nose - Rhinoplasty is used to fix the nose surgically from the outside and the inside. In this technique the cartilage of the nose and the bone are surgically reshaped and rebuilt to improve the structure and looks of the nose. Non surgical rhinoplasty can also be used for minor improvements.

• Eyelids- Belapharoplasty: in order to improve the looks of the eyes, this technique is used to fix the upper and lower eyelids so that they look attractive, younger and less droopy. The bulging fat pockets can be removed as well.

• Liposuction: is a process in which the fat around the chin and the neck is removed surgically through a very small cannula through a needle cut.

• Facial implants: this method is used to surgically make the featured of the face become better -defined and prominent. These are used in  and around the cheeks, jaws , and chin.

How can you prepare for facial surgery?

Before you begin to book your appointments, it is important that you know what you expect out of the facial surgery. The recovery is different for each individual with symptoms like discomfort or pain , swelling, numbness, or bruising, which are fortunately, temporary. One important fact to remember is that if you smoke, you will need to quit, the duration of which will depend   on the nature of the procedure. Smoking can cause problems with circulation as well as healing.

Most of the surgeries do not require you to stay as an inpatient for long durations. Many surgeries and almost all non surgical procedure can be done on an outpatient basis. Other procedures may require the you to stay in the hospital for a day or more.  Before your procedure, make sure you talk with your surgeon about the possible risks and complications, safety measures, and also the medicines, to be taken and instructions to be followed in the postoperative period. Prepare well for the surgery and follow all postoperative instructions and measures to enhance your results. The result of the surgery would show up fully after a period of time but you can return to your   daily routines much sooner based on your surgeons instructions and the procedures that you have undergone. 

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