Best Face Surgery in India – Types of Face Surgeries Performed on Skin

Face is mirror to your personality. It says a lot about you. Hence, caring for it is important. No matter how hard you ty, signs of aging do appear on different parts of your face.  Aging, being a natural process, cannot be avoided. However, with advancement is medical science, it can be reversed making you feel and look young and refresh. Different types of cosmetic surgeries are gaining popularity because of the benefits they provide. Of all cosmetic procedures, the one which has been highly popular is face surgery. There are many cosmetic clinics providing the best face surgery in Delhi.

As mentioned above signs of aging takes away years off your face making you look tired and drained out. Blemishes, loose skin, wrinkles and dark spots affect your appearance. Decision to undergo face surgery helps in enhancing your looks as well as function of some facial features. There are different types of cosmetic surgeries performed on the face. Reading further you will learn about the surgeries which aim at enhancing the appearance of facial skin.

It is one of the most commonly treated areas of face. There are several cosmetic surgeries which are performed on facial skin to bring youth and charm to your life. Some of face surgeries are performed in conjunction with other procedures while others are performed as standalone procedure. Given below are some of the facial surgeries which are performed on skin:

Face Lift – Facial skin loses elasticity over the period of time. Consequently, it becomes less firm as well as loose.  Through this procedure, skin can be tightened and toned. 

Thermage – It is one of the most commonly performed procedures which aim at tightening the loose or saggy skin. Unlike forehead lift or face lift, it has neither downtime nor leave scars.

Laser resurfacing – In this procedure, carbon dioxide laser is used by the cosmetic surgeon. The laser is applied to the skin of the patient for reducing the lines and wrinkles on the face of a person.

Chemical Peel – It is performed for several reasons. Basically, it is a chemical exfoliation treatment which is applied to the skin of face. In this process of chemical peel, top layer of skin is removed for revealing healthier, glowing and softer skin. 

Forehead Lift – It also aims at tightening skin around forehead lift. It is performed when a person has baggy upper eyelids. Excess skin and fat deposits are removed tightening and enhancing forehead area.   

Dermabrasion – Just like chemical peel, the primary objective of dermabrasion to remove irregularities from skin for revealing smoother as well as softer skin. In this procedure, cosmetic surgery makes use of a diamond rotary instrument for achieving desired goal. 

Facial fillers – There is variety of filler products available such as collagen, hylaform and restylane among others. These can be injected into the facial skin for reducing appearance of folds and wrinkles. It also adds volume to the face of person. 

Above slated are some of the most commonly performed facial surgeries. All you need to do is choose the best face surgeon in Delhi to get effective and right results.

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