Eyelid Surgery in Delhi – Some Aftercare Measures

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Are you considering eyelid surgery in Delhi? Are you flying from some other country to India just for this surgery? If yes then it is important for you to know the recovery period and right way to take care of yourself after this surgery. 

Medically known as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery is usually performed for treating eye defects. However, it is also the fact that an increasing number of people are considering this surgery for making their eyelids appears more attractive. During the procedure for corrective surgery, excess fat, tissue or skin might be removed. In addition, eyelid tendons as well as muscles might need reinforcement for proper function. Eyelid surgeon in Delhi makes sure that patients get the most effective results after surgery. Also the best way to know about the best eyelid surgery cost in India is consulting a surgeon who, after assessing your needs and goals, would suggest the cost. 
Incisions made during the surgery heal fast because surgery is performed making use of laser technique. This makes sure that the diameter of incision is precise. Here are a few after care measures that you should follow after undergoing eyelid surgery in India.

  • ·         Initially, eyelid will be swollen and sore because of incisions. Make sure that you apply the prescribed eye drops and ointment according to the directions given by the eyelid surgeon in Delhi. It will help in preventing puss and infection and alleviate inflammation.     
  • ·         Eye drops prevent eye from turning excessively dry and also ensure timely recovery and healing.
  • ·         Eyelid surgeon might ask you keep few pillow under your head while sleeping as it provides relief.
  • ·         Apply ice packs on the eye for reducing swelling and numbing pain
  • ·         Do not wear contact lenses for the duration suggested by the surgeon
  • ·         Do not read, watch television or work on computer for few days after surgery
  • ·         Avoid contact with direct sunlight and dust

Following the advice given by the eyelid surgeon would help in quick recovery without any complications. 





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