Lip Reduction – Do you have large lips?

Lip Reduction – Do you have large lips?

The face, they say, is mirror to your soul. Each facial feature speaks volume about your personality. In simple words, harmony and proportion is the key to facial beauty. The facial features must complement one another in such a way that the balance is remarkably fragile and delicate. If one facial element disrupts this balance in a subtle way, the effect on your overall appearance can be significant.  

While most people long for more luscious and fuller lips, there are many who have disproportionately protruding or thick lips that draw away attention from other facial features. If you have similar problem then there is no need to freak out as cosmetic lip reduction surgery can help you achieve the desired lip shape. Although it is performed commonly, the fact that it is a complex procedure and requires honed artistic eye on the part of the plastic surgeon cannot be ignored. India is home to some of the famous and world’s renowned plastic surgeons who have speciality in performing this surgery. Not only do the doctors have skills, experience and eye for aesthetics, but also the ability to make sure that a patient feels comfortable before and after the surgery. They understand the facial anatomy and recommend the best solution for you.

The decision to choose India for the lip reduction procedure not only lets you get the best results at half the cost of what other countries offer, you can also be assured of the assistance you will need during the stay in the country. The cost associated with the procedure depends on several factors. Additionally, you can get the best facilities, hygiene standards and care here. 

Lip Reduction and You

Prior to undergoing the surgery, we strongly believe you should know about the procedure. It is a minimally invasive surgery that aims at creating thinner and smaller pout through redefining the lip, and removing the skin from the lips. Even though it is neither dangerous nor painful, it is still a surgical procedure. 

The primary goal of this procedure is to achieve better proportion between the lips and the rest of your facial features. It is the right option for those who think that their lips are too large for their face along with those who self-conscious about the shape and size of their lips. Having positive attitude and realistic expectations is the key to get the best and satisfactory results.

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  1. Everyone desires to have fuller, plumper, and perfect lip shape. With increasing age, the lips lose their original shape and youthful appearance. With the help of lip surgery and lip cosmetic treatments, one can get back the desired lip shape and size. The procedure can be done with the help of lip injections, fillers, and fat grafting. The lip reduction surgery is also in trend as it helps one to reduce large oversized lips and get back the ideal lip shape. The most significant advantage of undergoing lip augmentation with fillers is that it is a non-surgical procedure and provides impressive results. Dr. Dushyanth Kalva is the best cosmetic surgeon who performs various types of lip surgery in Hyderabad. The lip reduction surgery is a crucial procedure in which excess fat, muscles, and lip tissues are removed, and it helps to improve the appearance of an individual by providing the best and impressive results. Get in touch with Inform Clinics to know about the lip surgery cost in Hyderabad. For more information, pay a visit today!

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  6. Lip lifting is the in use surgical treatment to reduce the size between your nose and upper lips and make your pout. Thread lift treatment in Lahore will increase the pink tissues in lips that will make lips fuller and more pronounced.
    It is a good option for the people to increase the height of lips instead of lip volume.


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