Do you dream of plump, voluminous lips?

Lip Surgery
There are many people who feel conscious due to oversized and bulky lips, but such lips can also be reshaped through lip reduction that helps reducing lip size to aesthetically pleasing shape. This requires incision inside of the lip and the extra bulk of tissue is removed. This procedure produces quite satisfactory outcomes; involve zero time and no visible scars.

These days the latest trend is smaller lips. Many asians are preferring to have smaller lips, which they believe are more sexy and erotic than plump lips. The procedure involves removing the skin from the lips and creating a new lip line; which looks luscious.

Lip Augmentation in India

Do you dream of plump, voluminous lips? Most women do! Plump lips are often associated with youth and femininity. Dr. Ajaya Kashyap offers lip augmentation and lip enhancement, and you can take a peek and some before and after images by visiting the site listed above. To find out if you are a good fit for lip augmentation, contact us at or mail at

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