Rhinoplasty Surgery – Why an increasing number of men are opting for it?

rhinoplasty surgery

An increasing number of men are getting their noses modified in an effort to refine their looks. Until a few years back, this type of surgery was the province of women only. However, with the improvements in the rhinoplasty surgery, the lure of having a perfect nose has gained popularity and acceptance among men too. Consequently, plastic surgeons have started tailoring the procedure towards the male fraternity. With an increasingly and fiercely competitive workforce and the recession, males opt for cosmetic surgery procedures to look better and young. 

Nose surgery is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures is being sought out by men across all age groups, socioeconomic status and ethnicities. However is rhinoplasty different for men and women? There is not much difference between nose surgery for men and women. The main difference is in the planning of the procedure that aims to achieve an ideal aesthetic outcome. What looks great on a man might not look good on a woman. The proportions and angles of the nose are different between females and males. Males usually have larger features, and thus a thin, small and feminine nose will not look good.

Why are men visiting Rhinoplasty Surgeons in large numbers?

The main reason why an increasing number of men visit the plastic surgeon to undergo nose surgery is they crave for improved appearance of the nose and overall facial features. Big noses might dominate the facial area and thus take away attention from other appealing features. As the nose is refined in shapeand reduced in size, the overall appeal of the face is improved

Men undergo this procedure not only to reduce the nasal size but also to make several other cosmetic changes as well. Some of these alterations might include smoothening a bump, reducing a large or bulbous nasal tip, or a crooked nose. 

By far, the biggest modification performed during a rhinoplasty surgery is the removal of the bump in the top of the nasal area. Also known as dorsal bumps, these bumps can be easily recognised when turned sideways and are often a cause of concern for female and male patients. 

A Nose job can be reconstructive or restorative or cosmetic in nature. Reconstructive nose surgery aims at improving or correcting congenital defects and other deformities such as deformities from nose injuries, deviated septum, and cleft lip nasal deformities. 

Men from all walks of the life with different socio economic status and ethnicity are seeking nose surgery than ever before. While nose surgery is an old plastic surgery procedure, increasing acceptance of the society has made this procedure more desirable to both women and men who want to achieve better looks.

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