List of the most common type of plastic surgery?

List of the most common type of plastic surgery?
List of the most common type of plastic surgery?

When it comes to the plastic surgery procedures, there are several types that come into the picture. Some of the common ones and also popular one we will be enlisting here without worrying much about the plastic surgery cost in India. Well, let’s check some of the common plastic surgeries that are carried out as under:

1. Arm Lift — It changes the appearance of your arms.

2. Blepharoplasty— Shapes up your eyelid with a plastic surgery in India.

3. Breast Augmentation — It is a breast implant surgery that shapes up your breasts

4. Breast Reconstruction with Flap Surgery — The surgery helps in making the breast reconstruction for the lady with small and mutilated ones.

5. Brow Lift — This is a cosmetic surgery that helps in improving the appearance of your forehead and brow.

6. Buttock Lift — It changes the shape of your buttocks

7. Dermabrasion — This is a skin-resurfacing surgical procedure

The others include facelift; liposuction, Rhinoplasty, and Tummy tuck to name a few, which are carried out by the Best plastic surgeons in India.

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