How Rhinoplasty Can Improve Your Smile

How Rhinoplasty Can Improve Your Smile
Many people don’t understand that the muscles that you use to smile have a direct impact on your nose. Whenever you smile, the tip of your nose drops downward, which can detract from your smile and have negative impacts on your side profile. This downward pulling on your nose when you smile can cause your nose to droop as you age. Luckily, cosmetic rhinoplasty can address these issues by disconnecting the muscle responsible for this downward tugging motion with a single incision. Cosmetic rhinoplasty can not only address aesthetic concerns that you have about your nose now, but it can also address possible signs of aging that may develop and progress as you age.

You probably already know that a rhinoplasty improves the symmetry of your face, but did you know that a rhinoplasty can also improve the airflow in your nose? When your nose has structural problems (either from birth or due to a broken nose), your air flow is compromised and you have difficulty breathing out of your nose, and you may snore at night as well. A rhinoplasty can address the functionality of your nose as well as the looks. If you suspect you have a deviated septum or would like your nose repaired after a bad break, talk to your plastic surgeon at or mail at

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