These skilled surgeons will give you the nose of your dreams

These skilled surgeons will give you the nose of your dreams

We've already established that plastic surgery and feminism are not mutually exclusive and if you've decided to get a nose job, that's your choice. You don't have to explain why nor do you have to apologise for it.

But the fact of the matter remains that a nose job is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. While there are many considerations (financial, psychological and health considerations), there's also the task of finding a reputable surgeon to perform the procedure. To help you in your search, we've rounded up a few surgeons ..,

Dr. Ajaya Kashyap, KAS Medical Center

Dr. Ajaya Kashyap performs state-of-the-art laser procedures, power assisted liposuction, short scar mastopexies, and the latest techniques in facial cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty, total lower body lifts and body contouring. He also is a leader in reconstructive and hand surgery.

Dr. Ajaya Kashyap is India's only Tripple American Board certified surgeon - Diplomat American Board of Plastic Surgery and Diplomat American Board of General Surgery. In May, 2005 he moved to New Delhi after 16 years of practicing medicine in the USA, spending the last ten years in the Greater Boston area in Massachusetts. He has had an academic appointment as Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.


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